Dams, Dikes and Levee Construction – Corruption Not Just in New Orleans, Try China Too!

In the United States we hear a lot about the corruption in New Orleans, and it is well known that for many decades the local and state governments and the politicians in Louisiana have been very corrupt. In fact, one of the reasons that the levee broke during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans was because of corruption, bribes and kickbacks with construction monies. And if that’s not bad enough, the same thing is going on in China, only it is much worse.

A recent study in China showed that most of the dams on the Yellow River in China are unsafe and unstable. Further, one recent report stated that almost 40% of China’s water retention basins and reservoirs were not build up to code, and therefore are unsafe. The research goes on to show that the same type of corruption, bribes, and kickbacks with construction monies, embezzlement, and graft are the cause.

So, if you think we have it bad in the United States, just wait till China gets their hundred year flood. Some say they are well over due now, and due to all the construction run-off will be twice as severe, and the Typhoon Season is coming, actually it’s already here.

China is known for flooding and many of these floods, some the worst in history have killed so many people that historians are still unsure as to just how many people have died in the past. So how many of these dams, dikes, levees and retention basin walls are unsafe? This report stated there were almost 40,000 that were at risk of collapse.

This is very unfortunate for a nation that is known for its giant infrastructure projects. After all, the Chinese built the Great Wall, which has easily withstood the test of time. But things aren’t the way they used to be, and the Chinese are cutting corners. Needless to say in the future, many people will die. Will China come clean on their corruption? Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow is also Founder of the Car Wash Guys, a cool little Franchise Company; http://www.carwashguys.com/history/founder.html/.

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner, All-Terrain

First i need to mention due to the folks that wrote previous reviews, each the positive and negative ones. They were extraordinarily useful in my call to shop for my 1st carpet cleaner further because the model I finally bought. I nearly bought the cheaper F5914 however determined the dedicated shampoo tank and auto rinse options were definitely worth the additional $ $ . Since a lot of previous reviewers mentioned the plastic elements break simply, i made a decision to shop for it at a brick and mortar store at the side of an extended warranty.

It positively cleans, however uses quite to a small degree of shampoo – went through the sixteen ounces that came with the unit cleaning roughly 12’x14′ (my carpets were pretty dirty thus I went terribly slowly). The manual says to form certain the new water is a smaller amount than a hundred and forty deg and my neighbor learned the arduous approach that if you employ boiling water, it’ll ruin the plastic tank. My faucet water is barely around one hundred deg thus I crammed the tank largely with the faucet water & then added to a small degree of just about boiling water. It will drip to a small degree of water as you take away the tanks or lean it right down to clean the brushes, thus i like to recommend doing that on a tough surface which will be wiped. and that i positively accept as true with alternative reviewers that said you’ve got to fill and dump the tanks fairly frequently. If you’re able to get the clean water tank’s handle to “click” into place, it shouldn’t truly leak throughout use. It pushes pretty simply however I did get tired once some of rooms (I’m not in specific shape) thus I set up on solely doing some of rooms at a time.

There are such a large amount of rubber gaskets that i’m wondering whether or not it’s simply an issue of time/usage before one in all them really leaks. however within the meantime, it’s great!

See Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner, All-Terrain

Mining For Turquoise In Nevada

With its discovery over four thousand years ago, turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones known to man. Ancient Egyptians are credited with its discovery in the Sinai peninsula. They used this beautiful stone to create jewelry and to adorn their homes, palaces and temples. In fact, turquoise artifacts were often buried along with people after their death because Egyptians believed that turquoise was connected to the Gods, and would help the person reach heaven in the after life. So great was their reverence for turquoise that the rulers of ancient Egypt declared that only royalty, high priests, and other persons of high standing in Egyptian society could own turquoise. It was also prohibitively expensive – sometimes costing even more than gold – making it harder for the common man in the street to buy or own turquoise objects. The Egyptians were not the only civilization that worshipped turquoise and believed in its spiritual and metaphysical powers. The Aztecs, Incas and most a Native American tribes also held this stone in great esteem. Native Americans believed that turquoise was a protective stone and inspired bravery. So warriors would adorn their shields and bows with turquoise inlays before leaving for battle. To this day, Native Americans incorporate turquoise in their religious ceremonies and rituals.

As time passed, the spiritual significance of turquoise was lost and people began to be attracted to this gemstone based purely on its physical attributes. The characteristic blue-green stone with dark spider veins of the stone have made it the most valuable opaque gemstone in the world of fashion jewelry today. The perfection of the stabilization techniques whereby moderate quality stones can be used in jewelry applications has further enhanced the popularity of turquoise. The negative aspect of this rise in popularity of turquoise for fine and costume jewelry is that it has stressed the known sources of turquoise around the world. In fact, many turquoise mines in the world have been overexploited over the past few decades, and mining is no longer economically feasible at these locations. Several turquoise mines that are now defunct can be found throughout the American Southwest, and indeed across other arid and semi arid regions of the world.

The United States is the largest producer of turquoise in the world today, and Nevada is claims the top ranking within the US, closely followed by United States. It is no coincidence that turquoise is found in Nevada. Turquoise is a hydrated complex of copper and aluminum phosphates, infused with molten silica under high temperature and pressure. These minerals are found in great abundance in the State, leading to conditions that were conducive to turquoise formation some forty million years ago.

Turquoise mines are usually found in small clusters and each cluster is typically called a mining district. Nevada has several such mining districts, and none of them is more famous for turquoise production than the Royston area. This mining district boasts of several turquoise mines, each of which produces turquoise of high quality and very unique. One of the newer sources of turquoise here is the Ajax mine. Turquoise specimens from this mine are usually light blue in color with dark blue veins, or stones that have a dark green background with light blue vein patterns. There are also several mines in this district that have ceased commercial production of turquoise, but continue to host small mining operations and individual rockhounds searching for that one unique specimen of this beautiful gemstone. The Blue Gem mine near Battle Mountain and the Blue Moon mine in Esmeralda County are good examples of mines that are now closed to commercial production. Mining at Blue Gem started in the 1930s and the mine produced gem-quality specimens in brilliant shades of blue and green. Turquoise from the Blue Moon mine was typically bright, sky-blue in color with dark (almost black) spider veining. Specimens from the Blue Moon mine today are rare and are considered to be collectors’ item. Blue Moon was closed to commercial mining in the 1970s.

There are also a series of turquoise mines in Nevada that are located on ancient lakebeds. Candelaria, Carico Lake, and the Damali mines are the best known examples of turquoise sources that fall under this category. The Carico Lake and Damali mines are quite close to each other. Yet, the turquoise found at these two locations is very different. Carico Lake mine produces a clear, iridescent, spring-green color turquoise. At Damali, the same mineral content produces turquoise that is yellow and khaki in color, and quite unique!

The author is a geo-professional in Arizona and writes extensively on gemstone jewelry, and in particular on turquoise pendants, bracelets, earrings, pins, and pearls necklaces.

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Encountering the Grand Canyon Up Close

Absorb the panoramic views as you ride above the Hoover Dam bypass bridge prior to driving through the Southwest Desert to indulge in a small time in Kingman, Arizona. Discover breathtaking vistas of the Southern Rim from one of the various overlooks in addition to many additional sight-seeing opportunities within the Historical Village District in which you’ll be able to also visit a new and modern Guest Information Center. There will be plenty of time for photo opportunitites, souvenir shopping or to simply immerser yourself in the surrounding scenery during the brief stops that your professional guide will make for your convenience.

Luxury bus tours are the most convenient and relaxing way to experience all the splendor and majesty that the Grand Canyon’s South Rim has to offer. Detailed with dazzling slopes and cliffs, this important natural miracle shows a magnificent display of natural erosion found no place else on earth. Coach tours will even take you to check out the deepest elements within the Grand Canyon at Bright Angel and Mather Points which is one mile deep, eighteen miles wide and an staggering 277 miles in length! Some of the various other attractions which your luxury Motorcoach tour might stop at are the famous train station, the Indian Hopi House Art Museum, Kolb Studio and the Look-Out studio.

Visitors will also want to take time for bus tours that take you along the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. Here everyone will certainly have the chance to appreciate the captivating splendor of the natural wonder of the world as viewed through the viewpoint of the people, the Hualapai Indians. Skywalk Bus Tours from Las Vegas will definitely present you an exceptional chance to travel throughout twenty one magnificent miles within the most ancient and largest Joshua Tree Forests in the world. And once on this famous reservation, the Hualapai Indians will take you to observe a fundamentally undisturbed section within the Grand Canyon. Travel back in its history and understand even more of many of our Native Americans that also are proud of their culture having a distinct respect for nature. Experience a time-honored, authentic barbeque lunch made courtesy of the Hualapai Indians from 3,500 feet on top of the Colorado River.

To get a Grand Canyon excursion that is equal to no other, why don’tyou try one of the luxury over night bus tours that will begin with a departure right from Las Vegas directly to the South Edge. Soaring above famous landmarks such as Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and a desert wilderness on your way to the Grand Canyon National Park Airport gives visitors a new perspective of the majesty of this natural wonder of the world. Upon your planned arrival you are going to indulge in all the interesting attractions that the Grand Canyon holds on your deluxe Motorcoach tour.

Las Vegas bus tour is an thrilling and reasonably priced way to enjoy your time in the Las Vegas area. Next time you are in Las Vegas be sure to include Las Vegas bus tour on the plans.

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Ice Dams – Learn how to prevent this nuisance build-up…

First, I’d like to explain how this massive ice mound forms on the most outer edge of your roof…


It snows and your roof surface will continue to accumulate this falling snow and the temperature (outside) of your home drops to below freezing.

1.) The temperature inside your attic is above freezing (warmer), due to the heated living area (below the attic) allowing heat to infiltrate the attic cavity, thus raising the temperature of your roofing material to above freezing.

2.) Because of the temperature differential and the warmer roofing material, the snow on top of the roof starts to slowly melt and gravity takes over. The melted snow (now water) starts to cascade down the roof (underneath all the accumulated snow) in an attempt to drain off the roof or into your gutters.

3.) As soon as the water reaches the outer edge of the roof (where the outer roof edge will not be as warm as the attic cavity) it gets exposed to the freezing air. The cascading water now freezes into an ice mound (that literally clings to your roofing material) along the edges of your roof and the gutters (if applicable).

4.) As more and more melted snow (water) continues to cascade down your roof, it continues to freeze behind and on top of the previously frozen run off, forming a much larger ice dam. Once this ice dam takes shape, it will literally trap any water that is attempting to drain down and off the roof. Now, all the melting water is dammed and has nowhere to drain to, so it builds up. This accumulating water is simply backing up and is forced right under your roofing material and into your attic or soffit cavity (and then gravity takes over once again), and this water infiltration simply drips down into your living area wall cavities, causing the nuisance staining and damage that may be observing throughout your walls.



When the heavy snow on your roof field becomes excessively uneven, this is indicative of your heat infiltrating your attic cavity and melting the snow on your roof, which causes ice dams.

Preventing this ice from forming on the edge of your roof in the first place is absolutely preventable. Many homeowners are continuously researching articles on “HOW TO PREVENT ICE DAMS” and they learn that proper insulation and ventilation is necessary to prevent these ice dams. That’s fine, but after most homeowners obtain their education on “HOW TO PREVENT ICE DAMS” they may attempt to correct their ice dam situation, but are still baffled and are unable to figure out exactly where any improvement is needed. That’s why they call me in to access their situation. I’ll literally show home owners how to alleviate this nuisance ice build-up.

Your solution to alleviate your ice dam issues is the use of Infrared technology combined with my professional experience in dealing with many ice dam situations in the past. My infrared inspection is a brilliant method of providing you with an instant snapshot of any active heat loss seeping through the most outer portion of the walls and ceilings of your home. Deficient insulation is a poor insulator, which allows it to now become a great conductor of your conditioned living area air, and this is what enables me to easily detect the inefficient insulation applications throughout your home. Infrared imaging will visually show thermal mapping of any improperly insulated ceiling and wall cavities that are causing the ice dams at the outer roof edges of your building. Even though attic access is convenient, Thermal Imaging does not require access to your attic in order to determine the cause of your ice dam situation.

Take a look at the images below and see how easy Infrared detects uninsulated/problematic cavities where ice dams were occurring…

Infrared clearly detects cold air (blue color) infiltrating the living area

Infrared detects missing insulation at all outer ceiling cavities

Thermal imaging detects cold spots from improperly installed soffit vents

Infrared detects insulation issues above this bathroom ceiling.


The brown ice clinging to this particular siding is caused from excessive ice dams at the eave area combined with excessive mice activity (and old dust/dirt build-up) in the attic cavity. The brown color of mice excrement (and old dust/dirt build-up) mixes in with the ice accumulation (at the attic cavity over your living area). As this ice dam starts to build-up in the attic cavity, it melts and this brown mess will start to seep out from the eave area and behind the siding material.

Note how this brown mess will follow the contour of the building.

You can see how this brown ice seeps out from behind the clapboard siding.

This church had ice dams with signs of mice activity below the belfry soffit.


You can get simply pull away any accumulating snow off of the edge of your roof with a snow rake, but… by the time you perform this clearing, it’s already too late. Look at the image below where a homeowner decided to pull the snow off of their roof edge (thinking that the ice will stop accumulating) but discovered that a 4-6 inch thick ice sheet is coating the entire roof edge at least 6-8 feet up the roof field. If they would have only taken preventive measures to avoid this ice dam in the first place, this area of the roof wouldn’t be a concern.

Massachusetts Infrared (Thermal) Imaging

My name is David Valley and I am the founder of Massachusetts Home Inspections, which is located in Methuen, Massachusetts. I personally perform every home inspection myself and I always give my home inspection clients the utmost personal attention they deserve.

That is one benefit that is not always possible with the large multiple inspector firms in Massachusetts. As a licensed professional, I have a fiduciary responsibility to all my home inspection clients and I have high regard for every last one of them. I respect the fact that they rely on me and my vast home inspection knowledge to personally assist them during their home buying process.

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Attractions of Interest in Boulder CO

If you’ll be heading out to Boulder, CO any time soon, you will find it useful to know what attractions are of the greatest interest to you.  Actually, Boulder is home to a wide range of different attractions, in a wide range of different forms.  What might you find to enjoy during your visit the city?  Below, you will find several of your options.

The West End

If you venture out to the West End, you will find a wide range of dining options.  From Mexican to American to Continental fare, you’ll be able to sate any hunger here in Boulder, CO.  Of course, that’s not all there is to enjoy here.  You will also find an eclectic mix of shopping, ranging from music stores to booksellers, cycling stores and more.  You will also find quite a few spas and health-related businesses here, as well.

Downtown Central

The central downtown area of town is given over to the Pearl Street Mall and the numerous shopping options around it.  Of course, you still have numerous options for dining and even relaxation.  Make sure you stop by and relax at Boulder Creek, or take a walk down Boulder Creek Path for additional enjoyment options.

The East End

Continuing east, you’ll come to the East End of Boulder, CO.  Here, you will find another group of unique businesses, boutiques, eateries and shopping options.  You will also find a number of Fair Trade businesses, coffee shops and more.


SODA, or South Downtown Area, is where you will find even more shopping options.  There are veterinary clinics, coffee shops, fast food and sit-down dining restaurants, fitness companies, and the Boulder Outdoor Cinema, which is a must see attraction for anyone venturing into the downtown area.

Of course, you will also find that the downtown area is home to a wide range of different events held throughout the year.  During September, you can enjoy the Reel Rock Film Tour, as well as the city’s famed Fall Festival.  The Fringe Festival comes to town during August, and you will also find that the streets are lined for the Christmas Festival during December.

There are many other attractions to be found when you visit the city of Boulder, CO.  Whether you want to venture into the stunning countryside, enjoy some of the most unique dining options in America or simply stroll the tree-lined streets, you will find a wealth of options at your disposal.

DowntownBoulder.com provides information on everything in Downtown Boulder, CO. For a complete travel and living guide on Boulder, Colorado, you will find it at DowntownBoulder.com

Lex Van Dam and Anton Kreil: Breaking the Myths of the Financial Markets

Is it possible for a complete newbie trader, with only two weeks of training, to make money trading the financial markets? If the lessons learned from the BBC reality show Million Dollar Traders are anything to go by, then it’s highly probable that anyone can create wealth by trading the financial markets. The show broke many long held myths about the financial world of trading, and how “difficult” trading actually is. It also highlighted valuable lessons that every wannabe trader should learn in order to survive and succeed in the world of trading.

Million Dollar Traders was in effect a project that explored the hidden potentials of ordinary men and women and how effective they were in playing the market. The project was conceptualized by Lex Van Dam and Anton Kreil, both former Goldman Sachs traders. The concept was simple. A group of eight ordinary people belonging to different age groups, employment history, educational background and demographic were given one million dollars capital to finance their trading activities over an eight week period. The money was provided by Van Dam. Anton Kreil was the supervisor and mentor to the group. The participants underwent two weeks of intensive training and were then unleashed with the one million dollars, to trade as they wanted too for the two months. The only goal was to make money by building their portfolios and successfully trading them in the markets.

The format of the series combined the popular elements of typical modern day reality shows and informational documentaries. Refreshingly, there wasn’t much of the normal overacting that you would associate with most reality shows. It was presented in a very straightforward manner and in my opinion was edited very well by the production company Century Films. The complexities and intricacies of the financial world of trading were for once explained really well to the mass audience, especially by Kreil. The production team seemed to strike a perfect balance between giving enough information to the audience so they understood what was happening, and at the same time managing to steer away from “dumbing down” the show too much. Of particular interest was how the show demonstrated that everyone can become their own trader.

The first episode introduced the wannabe traders and followed them closely as they began building their stock portfolio’s. The second episode tested the mettle of each participant in trading and managing their risks, and the final episode turned dramatic when four of the underperforming traders resigned and walked out of the office in protest. This was in reaction to when Van Dam and Kreil fired one of the traders for chronic underperformance. At the end, only a soldier, a student and a single mum had survived the eight week ordeal. The three of them together then had two weeks to trade one million dollars between themselves in an attempt to claw back the losses of the original group.

Incidentally, Million Dollar Traders was filmed when the global financial meltdown occurred in the summer of 2008. The context provided much stress, excitement, anxiety, and confusion for the novice traders. As U.S. Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were blowing up, Kreil summed up how difficult the markets were perfectly

“If this happens the U.S. could be over for a generation…, for anyone that has been in the markets for a long time, this is proper scary stuff”.

Even as a viewer watching you could feel the pressure of the moment. One contestant broke down in tears for almost ninety minutes. Another one totally blew his investments, which made Van Dam furious. However, some of the contestants did show exceptional skills beyond their experience in managing risks and handling the stresses of trading.

At the end of the show, the entire team had lost two point four percent of their investments. But this figure was far better than the performance of most professional traders who lost more than five point five percent on their investments. Van Dam and Kreil showed that a novice trader can perform well in any market versus the professionals. I was certainly a fan of the show and I’m eagerly awaiting the second installment.

Get to know more about Anton Million Dollar Traders by visiting the Anton Kreil website. Know the inside story about the Anton Kreil Million Dollar Traders to learn how to become successful in the financial markets.

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Why is There Corruption With Infrastructure Projects and Dams in China?

There is no doubt that the Chinese are great infrastructure builders, and perhaps, they are better at building infrastructure then even other species of this planet, for instance ants that build giant colonies. One only has to look at the Great Wall of China to realize that when China gets serious about infrastructure, nothing can stop them. If you’ve ever been to Beijing, Shanghai, or even the Quangdong Province and have seen all of the buildings, infrastructure, factories, airports, etc., you’ll never forget it.

In fact, the Chinese have the world’s largest dam. It’s so big with so many tens of trillions of gallons of water that it has changed the balance of the planet and actually slowed down the rotation of the Earth by a measurable amount; as in micro-seconds. Some say it has also caused problems with plate tectonics in their regions, and altered the flow of Continental drift. How much? Some people say an even greater amount than the great ice shelves that have broken off at the poles.

The Three Gorges Dam project is not the only one. The Chinese have built tens of thousands of new dams on nearly all of their water ways and rivers. Unfortunately, many of these dams have been done with shoddy workmanship and have the same problem of corruption that the United States has had in New Orleans and Louisiana. This means that many of these dams might fall down in the future during Earthquakes or under extreme load during a large flood year.

Why is there so much corruption with regards to infrastructure projects and dams in China? Apparently, the Chinese have learned a lot about capitalism, but apparently they haven’t learned the long term ethical standards that are required, and the regulations to make it all work. With rampant corruption, one has to ask if China will re-experience one of the great floods of the last 100 years. If and when this happens, there will be only one culprit; Chinese Corruption. Please consider all this.

Not long ago, I mentioned this to Guang Wu, the author of a new book; “China: Has the Last Opportunity Passed by!?” and he indicated that this was a topic that the Chinese Government has been addressing and that often, the World media blows it out of proportion.

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow believes that you should only hire the best and more ethical contractors no matter what type of building or remodeling you are doing; Excavating

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Downtown Boulder Revitalization Is a Success

If you have lived in Boulder, Colorado for any length of time, then you know that the downtown area has been being revitalized.  Well, thanks to an enormous amount of effort, this effort can be considered an enormous success.  For proof, all you need to do is look at the considerable number of businesses that have opened their doors in downtown Boulder.  From Pearl Street Mall to the East End, from the West End to SODA, you’ll find a ton of things to see and do.

The city has made considerable strides, though there are certainly areas that still need a bit of help, such as University Hill.  However, the downtown area has prospered in recent years, thanks to the attention of the city council and residents.  For instance, Pearl Street and the Pearl Street Mall have become two of the most popular places for visitors to the city to go, and are also very popular with locals in the downtown Boulder area.  The Boulder Creek Path is another popular item, where families can picnic and relax together.

One sign that the downtown revitalization has gone quite well is the number of events and activities that occur regularly in the heart of the city.  From the Fall Festival to the Munchkin Masquerade, to the things to enjoy on the river, the evidence of a happier, healthier environment for everyone is all around you.  While Boulder was never truly a city given over to desperation, there were certainly signs that things could be better.  These have been erased and replaced with services, activities and events that really benefit the local community and visitors to the area.

Much of the work has been done by the Downtown Boulder BID (Business Improvement District), which has worked tirelessly to help bring new life and greater safety and prosperity to the city.  For example, you will now find that the downtown area is home to several different summer concert series, from local venues to street musicians.  You will also find a wide range of different family-focused events that has drawn residents’ attention back to the downtown area.  Finally, you will find that numerous seasonal events like Endless Summer, and the Boulder ArtFair have been initiated and prospered with tremendous support from locals and visitors.

As you can see, the downtown area has grown and prospered.  Boulder is a beautiful, happy, friendly place to call home and downtown is the heart of it all.

DowntownBoulder.com provides information on everything in Downtown Boulder, CO. For a complete travel and living guide on Boulder, Colorado, you will find it at DowntownBoulder.com

Full Day High Dam, Unfinished Oblisk, Philae Temple

Enjoy a private tour to visit a modern and an ancient engineering marvel in Aswan when you visit the High Dam and Unfinished Obelisk. See two of Egypt’s engineering wonders with the incredible Unfinished Obelisk lying exactly as it fell, and the world famous engineering miracle that is the High Dam. Depart your Aswan hotel or cruise ship and travel to the High Dam of Aswan. Located near Aswan, the world famous High Dam was an engineering miracle when it was built in the 1960s. Containing more material than used in the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the Dam is 11,811 ft long, 3215 ft thick at the base, 364 ft tall and is carved into from the existing granite, providing irrigation and electricity for the whole of Egypt. from the top of the High Dam you can gaze across Lake Nasser, a huge reservoir created when it was built, to Kalabsha temple in the south and the huge power station to the north. Continue to the Unfinished Obelisk in the granite quarries of Aswan where much of the red granite used for ancient temples and colossi came from. The Unfinished Obelisk located in the Northern Quarry still lies where it was carved when a crack was discovered as it was being hewn from the rock. Your qualified Egyptologist guide will explain how the 1 tonne obelisk was carved, and why the crack caused it to be abandoned. This is a private tour allowing you to determine the amount of time spent at each of the sites during the tour.
Pick up service from your hotel in Aswan and return
English Egyptologist guide
Entrance fees to the mentioned historical places
All transfers by a modern air-conditioned vehicle
A bottle of mineral water during your trip
All service charges and taxes
Any extras not mentioned in the program
What To Bring
Comfortable shoes
Cotton clothes in summer
Warm clothes in winter
Sun block
Photo/Video Camera


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